Read this First: Reseller Account Startup Guide

Upon activating your Reseller account with, you need to make the following settings within your Reseller Control Panel to begin selling Products to your Customers and Sub-Resellers:

Select your Selling and Accounting Currency (Anchor: currency)

At the time of sign-up, you must carefully select your desired Selling and Accounting Currency.

  • Selling Currency: Your Selling Currency is the currency in which you wish to sell your Products and Services to your Customers and Sub-Resellers.

  • Accounting Currency: Your Accounting Currency represents the currency of the Country where your business is based or from where you would be filing your taxes from.

Add Funds in your Reseller Account (Anchor: funds)

To let your Customers and Sub-Resellers buy Products and Services through you, you need to add and maintain sufficient funds in your Reseller Account with See details

Products and Services Signup and their Configuration (Anchor: signup) offers a wide array of Products and Services that you can choose to sell. When you signup for a Reseller Account with us, you are automatically signed up for all Products and Services. This allows your Customers and Sub-Resellers to purchase all Products and Services from you.

However, you if do not wish to sell one or more of these Products/Services, you need to manually revoke signup for that Product/Service from your Control Panel. See details

You also need to configure various settings for these Products and Services before you get started.

  • As a Reseller of, you will be automatically signed up for Domain Forwarding, Mail Forwarding and DNS Services. These Services will be provided free upon purchasing any other Product/Service offered by and can not be purchased independently.

  • Upon signing up for any Product/Service, you may consider setting up a Tax rule to collect taxes from your Customers and Sub-Resellers. See details

Domain Registration (Anchor: domainname)

Domain Registration Reseller Setup Guide

Single Domain Linux Hosting (Anchor: singledomainlinuxhosting)

Single Domain Linux Hosting Reseller Setup Guide

Dedicated Server Linux (Anchor: dedicatedserverlinux)

Dedicated Server Linux Reseller Setup Guide

CodeGuard (Anchor: codeguard)

CodeGuard Reseller Setup Guide

Web Services (Anchor: hosting)

Email Hosting, Web Hosting and Website Builder Reseller Setup Guide

Enterprise Email (Anchor: enterpriseemail)

Enterprise Email Reseller Setup Guide

Enterprise Email Lite (Anchor: eelite)

Enterprise Email Lite Reseller Setup Guide

Configure your Website offers you the following options for integrating these Products and Services with your Website:

Setup SuperSite for your Customers (Anchor: supersite)

You may use our ready-made private labeled SuperSite for all your retail business. See details

It is recommended that you undertake the following on your SuperSite to improve your Customer's experience:


Setup PartnerSite to attract Sub-Resellers (Anchor: partnersite)

You may use our ready-made private labeled PartnerSite for all your wholesale business. See details

It is recommended that you undertake the following on your PartnerSite:

  • Change the URL for your PartnerSite. See details

  • Customize the Header and Footer of PartnerSite. See details

  • Specify the Additional Payment Options for your Customers/Sub-Resellers in the SuperSite. See details


Use our HTTP API to integrate the Products and Services with your own website (Anchor: api)

Along with your Reseller account, you get a comprehensive HTTP API. All Resellers have API access to the system. Every functionality of the system is available as an API call. See details


The API Integration method is recommended only if you have a proficient software development team.

Configure Control Panels for your Customers and Sub-Resellers (Anchor: cp) provides you with comprehensive private-labeled Control Panel for your Customers and Sub-Resellers, in order to manage the Products and Services they purchase from you. You may either:

Use our ready-made private labeled Control Panels

The Control Panels allow your Customers and Sub-Resellers to place, manage, upgrade, downgrade, use, renew, delete, suspend/unsuspend, lock their Orders for various Products and Services from a single management window.

It is recommended that you undertake the following if you are using our Control Panels:

  • Setup your Company logo within your Customers/Sub-Resellers Control Panels. See details

  • Customize the Footer of your Customer/Sub-Reseller Control Panels. See details


Build your own Control Panels using our HTTP API (Anchor: owncp)

If you are already selling several other Products and Services to your existing clients through another interface/Control Panel and do not want to add the burden of introducing the new Control Panels to them, you could use our HTTP API to integrate provisioning and management of these Products and Services in your existing interfaces and Control Panels. provides you a HTTP API, that you can use to integrate your Products, Services and Control Panels with the system.

Additional Information



The API Integration method is recommended only if you have a large Customer base and employ the services of a proficient software development team.

Integrate your Customer Control Panels with your Website and Shopping Cart (Anchor: cart)

Once you have configured your Website and Control Panels for your Customers (as mentioned in the last 2 steps), you should configure the integration between the Customer Control Panels and your Website, so that your Customers get redirected from their Control Panels to your Website when they make any purchases. See details

Update your Contact Information

Personal Details (Anchor: personal)

Personal Information such as your Brand Name, your Website URL, your personal Language Preferences can be easily customized from your Reseller Control Panel. See details

Company Contact Information (Anchor: company)

The system automatically sends emails to your Customers and Sub-Resellers, from the e-mail addresses and From Names, specified in your Contact Information interface.

You should update the contact details of various departments (like Sales, Billing, Support) in your company, to ensure that all communication with your Customers and Sub-Resellers is carried out using your branded email addresses and email signatures. See details

Configure your Payment Collection Options

Setup your Online Credit Card Payment Gateway (Anchor: online)

The system allows you to integrate any Payment Gateway of your choice to collect money online from your Customers and Sub-Resellers. See details

Specify Offline Payment Collection Methods for your SuperSite (Anchor: soffline)

Apart from collecting funds via a Payment Gateway, you should also describe other offline means (like Check, Wire) for receiving funds from your Customers, during their shopping process, within the SuperSite. See details

Specify Offline Payment Collection Methods for the Control Panel (Anchor: cpoffline)

You may also present within the Control Panels other offline means of receiving funds from your Customers and Sub-Resellers. See details

Configuring Payment Collection Parameters (Anchor: param)

You can let the system assist you, in collecting payments from your Customers by specifying appropriate Payment Collection Parameters for every Product and Service. See details

Configure Other Miscellaneous Options

Set your Funds Threshold Level (Anchor: threshold)

You should ensure that you always have a positive and healthy balance in your Advance Account with, to allow uninterrupted execution of your Customers and Sub-Resellers Orders. By setting a reasonably high Funds Threshold Level within your Control Panel, you allow the system to remind you via e-mails when your balance falls below this level. See details

Create Company Users (Anchor: user)

Create independent Control Panel logins for your staff in various departments (like Sales, Billing, Support), to enable them to effectively manage your business. See details

Sub-Reseller Signup options (Anchor: soptions)

The system lets you control Sub-Reseller sign-ups under you, in several ways. You should carefully choose the one that best fits your business. See details